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Alice Mansell                               Curriculum vitae                             2011


Alice Mansell has exhibited multi-media, paintings, drawings and installation works in public galleries across Canada,

in the US, UK, Germany and Austria. 

She has led innovations in art and design programs at universities and colleges in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and

Nova Scotia. 

As a visual artist, collaborator and educator she is intensely engaged with how we learn to be - forming culture and formed by culture - through the ‘arts’ experience as audience, performer and creator.


Personal Information

Full Name

Mansell, Alice May

Home Address

#703 – 1255 Main Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6A 4G5


778-329-8252(Residence)  778-839-6726 (cell)


Web Site  or  

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Selected One‑Person Exhibitions

·         “Drawing on the Past”, series of ink and thread drawings on vintage linens, ArtWorks, Gabriola, BC, 2006.

·         bioGraphics: Botanica”, paintings,costumes, photographs and performance of LifeSigns.  Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coquitlam, BC, April – May 2004. Video produced and exhibited in China, Vancouver and Gabriola.

·         "bioGraphics:  Staged Practices", Kootenay Gallery,  Castlegar, BC, September - October 2000.

·         "bioGraphics:  Staged Practices", Richmond Art Gallery,  Richmond, BC, July – August 2000.

·         "The Texture and The Text; Clothing the Body", The City Art Gallery, Leicester, England, May - June 1998. Exhibition and catalogue

·         “Performing the Artist”, Video exhibited at the Leicester Museum, Leicester, England, May - June 1998.

·         “Performing the Artist Video work exhibited at Dock 4 during documenta X, in Konfigurationen. Zwischen Kunst und Medien, Kassel, Germany, August 1997.

·         "bioGraphics:  enGendered Positions II"  Hartnett Art Gallery,  University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, March - April 1997.

·         "bioGraphics:  enGendered Positions"  curator Susan Gibson‑Garvey, Dalhousie Art Gallery, Exhibition included an interactive web Site ( and publication, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, May ‑ June 1996.

·         "Biographies and Biographics: The Construction of Identity in Art Practice", Andere Korper, Curator Sigrid Schade, Offenes Kulturhaus, Linz, Austria, August 1 ‑ 30, 1994, residence; September 22 - October 30, 1994, exhibition and catalogue

·         "A. Mansell: Cultured Identities", London Regional Art and Historical Museums, July 13 ‑ September 15, 1991.  Curator: M. Lennon. Exhibition and catalogue


Selected Group Exhibitions/Performance works

·         HighGate: Set/Costume design and installation for performances, Photo work with Tara Cheyenne Performance, Edam Arts Centre, Vancouver, March, 2009, Dances for a Small Stage, October 2010, Dance Allsorts, February, 2011.

·         InHabitat: set/costume design, creation and installation in collaboration with Joe Ink, choreographer, Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver, October 15-18, 2, 2009

·         Live from the Bush of Ghosts, costume creation, Theatre Conspiracy, FUSE, Vancouver Art Gallery, 2008

·         Timber Timbre: set/costume design and creation with photo installation in collaboration with Joe Ink, choreographer, Vancouver International Dance Festival, Scotiabank Dance Centre, March 14-17, 2008

·         MOMENTUM: Contemporary Works By Chinese and Canadian Artists, Nanaimo Art Campus Gallery, Nanaimo, May 12 – June 10, 2006. Exhibition and catalogue

·         “WOMAN'S DECLARATION-Contemporary Women Artists' Exhibition”, Shanghai Duolun Modern Art Museum, Shanghai, China, November, 2004, exhibition and catalogue

·         The Beckoning” performance by Tara Cheyenne, costume and set design and production, the Roxy, Vancouver, August 12-16, 2002, and Espace 303, Montreal, Quebec, March, 2003

·         Courbet’s “Venus and Psyche” a Painting Lost  by Alice Mansell and Mickey Meads, in the Body Missing Web site by Vera Frenkel, 1995-6 (, the National Gallery of Canada, 1996, Bremen, Gemany, 1997, Power Plant, Toronto, 1996, Stockholm, Sweden. 1999, Tokyo, Japan, 2000, Goethe Institute, Toronto, 2000.  Exhibit ongoing to present.

·         "Body Missing", Internet Exhibit by Vera Frenkel.  "Courbet's Venus and Psyche, A Painting Lost: Three Investigations to locate the Remains of the Body Missing" Images, texts, and video by A. Mansell and A. Meads.  International  Society for Electronic Art, Montreal, Que. Sept. ‑ Oct. 1995.  Now sited at

·         "Representations", Khyber Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, February, 1995.

·         "Safe Spaces", Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, December, 1994.

·         "Ot(her) Art:  Theory and Practice", Arthur Haberman Gallery, York University, Toronto, February 28 ‑ Mar. 11, 1994.

·         "Practice and Pedagogy", (Role and Identity: Cultivating the Artist, Painting and overlay of text and image).  Exhibition of Artists and other works from The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario; Zavitz Hall, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, March 30 ‑ April 21, 1993.

·         "Practice and Pedagogy", (The Culture of the Artist, installation and 40 drawings).  Exhibition of Work by Artists at The University of Western Ontario and the University of Guelph, McIntosh Gallery, London, Ontario, January 16 – February 21, 1993.

·         "Who's Work is It?  And Who Cares?", Video (30 min.) and Text (42 pages) by S. Butler, M. Lennon and A. Mansell, Hart House, Toronto, Ontario, July 1992; Peterborough, Ontario, December 1992 and Woodstock, Ontario, April 1993.

·         "Reflexion vor dem spiegel", curator S. Schade‑Tholen, Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut,  Essen, Germany, February 7 ‑ 23, 1992.

·         "Memory Works:  Postmodern Impulses in Canadian Art", London Regional Art Gallery, Curated by M. Cheetham, Catalogue, London, Ontario. December 15, 1990 ‑ February 4, 1991; Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta, September ‑ October, 1991; Mississauga Civic Centre Art Gallery, Mississauga, Ontario, March 8 ‑ April, 1991;.

·         "Traces", Drawings and Sculpture Installation London Regional Art Gallery, Collaboration with J. Behrens, composer, and D. Krasnow, choreographer, grant from Ontario Arts Council. January 1990.

·         "Treppentanz", Drawings, Projections, Costumes, Set Design and Installation, University Theatre, Major collaborative project, co‑directed with D. Krasnow, choreographer and composer, cast of 15 dancers, construction and stage crew, Calgary, Alberta, March 11 ‑ 14, 1987.

·         "Witness to Private Motives", Alberta College of Art Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Curated by V. Greenfield, Catalogue, Four‑person show. January 8 ‑ February 4, 1987.

·         "Looking at Myself", Exhibit of Self-Portraits, Off Centre Centre, Calgary, Alberta, September 30, 1986. Curated by Don Maybe.

·         "Landshifts", Drawing Series of 20: Projected and Exhibited for Mainstage, University Theatre, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, collaborative performance project with D. Krasnow, choreographer, 1986..

·         "An Alternative Point of View", Four person show, Gulf Canada Square, Calgary, Alberta, January 8 ‑ 27, 1986. Curated by S. Gorris.

Selected Articles and Chapters Published

·         Coastal Women Artists, Essay in catalogue for “WOMAN'S DECLARATION-Contemporary Women Artists' Exhibition” with D. Kneisivich, Shanghai Duolun Modern Art Museum, Shanghai, China, November, 2004

·         “KunstlerInnen and die CyberUnivers~itat: Fur eine kulturelle Perspecktive im, ‘Global Village’” in Konfiguration: Zwischen Kunst und Medien, eds. Sigrid Schade and Georg Christoph Tholen, Wilhelm Fink Verlag: Munchen, Buch and CD Rom, ISBN 3-7705-3348-8, pp. 498 - 510, 1999.

·         "Staging the Issues:  A Conversation about Practice and Pedagogy" by A. Mansell and R. Shuebrook, in Practice and Pedagogy, The University of Western Ontario, 1993.

·         "Visual Art as Knowledge:  Why we study art at University", Western Gazette, Winter, 1992, p. 34.

·         "Who's Work is it?  And Who Cares", Book and video with M. Lennon & S. Butler.  Project supported by Canada Council Grant, 1991.  Text and video exhibited and used in programs at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, York University, Concordia University and Grant McEwan College, 1993 ‑ 2000.

·         "Contemporary Art and Critical Theory in Canada, or Who's on Top?", in The Woman as Artist: Papers in Honour of Marsha Hanen, eds. Christine Mason Sutherland and Beverly Matson Rasporich, University of Calgary Press, pp. 145 ‑ 162, ISBN 895176‑37‑9, 1993.

·         "Gender Bias in Art Education", Gender Bias in Research:  The Pervasive Prejudice, eds, W. Tomm, G. Hamilton, translated by John Yokota, Japan, 1992.

·         "Voice of Art: Education/Image/Art," OSEA Journal, Volume 20, Fall, 1991, pp. 22 ‑ 30.

·         “A. Mansell:  Cultured Identities”, with M. Lennon, Catalogue London Regional Art Gallery & Historical Museum, 1991.

·         "The Identity of the Body:  The Body as Identity", Canadian Woman Studies Journal, Volume II, Number 1, North York: York University Press, pp. 29 ‑ 31.  ISBN0713‑3235, 1990.

·         "Gender Bias in Art Education," Gender Bias in Research: The Pervasive Prejudice, Waterloo: Sir Wilfred Laurier Press, 1988, pp. 99 ‑ 117.

Reviews and References

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·         "Art, Identity and the Poetics of Displacement" by Janet Wolff, Catalogue for Faculty Exhibition, 1992, Arbutus


University Degrees and Certificates

Harvard University

Institute for Management in Higher Education

University of Rochester

Theory and Interpretation in the Visual Arts, NEH Institute

University of Manitoba

Senior University Management


Pre Med Science, Chemistry Major


M.A. in Art Education, Drawing and Perceptual Development

U. Calgary

B.Ed. Secondary Art and Post Degree in Fine Arts